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Creating a Theme for an Online form

Creating a Theme for an Online form

A Theme is a set of styling and visual effects that are applied to an Online form - Themes do not apply to Mobile forms.

Multiple Themes can be created in a Work Group any of which can be applied to the Online form built within the account. However, an Online form can only have 1 Theme applied to it at any one time.

On creation of a Work Group (at the time of Subscribing to pro-Forms®) the system will set up a default Theme and will attempt to identify and extract a company logo from a website using the same domain name as used in the sign-up email address. It will also apply a complementary colour palette from the dominant colours of the logo. The default Theme will be applied to all Online forms unless a user selects a different Theme to be used against forms.

A default Theme can be changed at any time to pick a different logo, colour palette, font etc.