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Adding a Customer

Adding a Customer

Customers can either be added individually or in bulk from the 'Customers' main menu screen and clicking he green +Add button.


Adding Customers individually

  1. from the +Add button select 'Add Customer'
  2. Simply complete the fields on the Add Customer screen that is loaded.
  3. If you wish the details entered to also become the default site for that Customer tick the 'Create default site?' box.
  4. When finished click the green + Add customer button.


Adding Customers in bulk

  1. From the +Add button select 'Bulk add Customers'
  2. Your customer data must be already be saved in a CSV file format (comma separated variable).
  3. The screen that loads provides 2 options for where to select your CSV file from : 1. an external location e.g. could storage (OneDrive, Google Drive etc) or 2. your local PC/ network.