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Forms stuck in the app Send Log

Forms stuck in the app Send Log

For a few different reasons, occasionally forms and or images can become stuck in the Send Log of the pro-Forms® app. The reasons can include :

  1. lack of or intermittent mobile signal.
  2. not regularly logging into the app and resources becoming drained on the device causing the form queue to stop - mainly the Android app version.
  3. on the iOS version of the app - putting the pro-Forms® app into the background before all items have been sent from the device
  4. corrupted images on a form.
  5. the pro-Forms® app running on the device has suffered a corruption and no data has been captured and stored for the stuck form.


For item 1 : wait until a signal or consistently stronger signal has been regained by the device and try re-sending items marked with a red cross in the Send Log.

For item 2 : make sure once a day you log out fully from the app and log back in with your username and password. It is also good once a day to fully power the device down and back on.

For item 3 : wait for the red banner displaying the number of items still remaining to be sent (displayed at the top of the screen once the form Submit button has been pressed) to count down to zero before putting the app into the background.

For item 4 : unfortunately if the camera has returned a corrupted image to the app the image will not be able to be corrected or sent with the form. The form without the image should still be sent from the app or send log. The entry in the send log will still show as a red cross against the unsent image.

For item 5 : in this rare situation, if no data has been captured then in effect there is no form to be sent. The only way to then remove the Send Log entry and reset the database is the clear the device Cache - see article How to clear the Cache on an Android device.


If whilst trying to resolve a stuck form in the Send Log, if a user uninstalls to app and installs a new copy from the Play or App store the stuck form and any other forms in the Send Log will be permanently deleted. There will no possibility of recovering them.