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Checking on user system logins

Checking on user system logins

A really useful option available to Customers is the User Login Report found in 'Admin - Reports - View user logins'.

Using this report you can view system logins for both Web user and Mobile user account types. It is possible to filter the report by :

  • date range
  • name of user

and also re-order the results table by clicking on individual column headers so you can quickly locate what you are looking for.

This report is extremely useful for :

  • identifying mobile users that are not regularly logging into the the app. Not logging in regularly can result (particularly on Android devices) in the form sending queue slowing down or stopping and therefore forms not being submitted into the system and appearing as 'missing' to office staff. Asking a field worker to log out and back in to the app using their username and password will solve the queue issue and you will also know that they have complied with the request by re-running this report.
  • seeing what device type and app version staff are logging in with. Users with old app versions can then be contacted by you and asked to upgrade (there is no need to uninstall/ re-install just simply update).
  • checking for indications that staff are using personal devices to use the app with rather than a company issued device. For example, if field staff have been issued with Android devices but the user Login report is showing logins from an iOS device it probably indicates it is worth contacting the worker to discuss this further. This can be an issue for companies and data security.