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Encrypted form fields

To make a field use encrypted data

  1. Go to the relevant form in ’Forms - home’ and click on ’Manage’.

  2. Click on ’Build form’.

  3. Click on the question you wish to change then click on the Options tab.

  4. Select ’Yes’ from the question ’Data is encrypted when stored?’ A message is displayed in a blue banner after selecting 'Yes' warning that the applied encryption cannot be undone and any form data submitted for that field cannot be used to search on e.g. from View Submissions.

  5. Click the green Save button, you will then be returned to the screen displaying all form pages and questions.

Please Note

The question that has been encrypted cannot be unencrypted and therefore to return it to being an unencrypted field will require it to be deleted and re-added as a new field. Don't forget to also re-add any previous visibility, calculation and form Layout requirements.