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pro-Forms supports robust calculations that allow you to create powerful and customized forms. Calculations can be used to compute field values, set default values and conditionally control visibility of form questions. The Basics To perform a... Read More

Copying text from a Word document to use on a form field

  Copying text from a Word document to use on a form field There can several reasons and situations where passages of text may need to be cut & pasted from a Word document into form fields. This could be as part of the field name, a default... Read More

Default values on Custom Lists in dropdown fields

Default values on Custom Lists in dropdown fields If you add a dropdown control/ field to a form and opt to use a Custom List to populate the answers it looks initially as though there is no way to specify on the items in the list as a 'default... Read More

Editing form submissions

Editing form Submissions Forms submitted into the system from both the mobile app and browser-based Online forms can be edited to alter text, add missing items etc. To be able to edit a form, the user account logged into the Work Group must have... Read More

Encrypted form fields

To make a field use encrypted data Go to the relevant form in ’Forms - home’ and click on ’Manage’. Click on ’Build form’. Click on the question you wish to change then click on the Options tab. Select ’Yes... Read More

Field visibility with the Basic Editor

Field Visibility To set one or more conditions for making a field visible click on the field to edit it. Click on the 'Advanced' tab in the pop up window. Click on the cog icon on the right hand side of the Visibility box. Use the default... Read More

Form field Tags

Form Field Tags Form field Tags are a very important part of the pro-Forms® system and are extremely useful in various places. They are also one of the things many people don’t pay attention to which could make their form building lives... Read More

Form types : Online v Mobile

  Form types : Online v Mobile forms People sometimes get confused as to when it best to use an Online form rather than a Mobile form. This article will help you clearly distinguish between the two types of form. Mobile forms are accessed and... Read More

How to duplicate a form

Duplicating a form To duplicate an existing form : From the left hand main menu of the Work Group click on 'Forms - home'. In the top centre of the screen (above the list of existing forms) click on '+ Add Form'. From the pop-up... Read More

How to resize an image logo used on an Online form

How to resize an image logo used on an Online form Images used as logo in a Theme for an Online form can be manipulated within the system without the need for 3rd party image editing software. To do this follow these steps :- Log in to your Work... Read More

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