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Connect to XERO

Using the menu on the left navigate to 'Admin' and then 'External Services'.  Then click on the 'Xero' option. Clicking the 'Xero Login' button will show a login prompt allowing you to enter your XERO... Read More

Consolidating Visit invoices

If you require only one invoice per job, pro-Forms allows you to group costs for multiple visits.   When viewing a job, click on the 'Job Costing' tab: If a job has multiple visits, a new button labelled 'Consolidate Visit Costs&... Read More

Creating a Visit invoice

To create an invoice against a single job visit, start by going to the 'Visit Costs' tab against the visit: Clicking the 'Add Item' button will allow you to start adding item lines to your invoice. There are 5 standard items you... Read More

Customer Grouped Invoicing

pro-Forms® enables users to group a batch of draft invoices for a customer and merge these into an individual grouped invoice To do this, locate an existing draft invoice and click on the 'Consolidate Job Costs' button.   This will open... Read More